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Julia Liebisch-Peschl
Photographer in Berlin

I would love to capture your moments, style, wedding, love stories, and make the ordinary extraordinary.

I enjoy authentic moments, messy things, rooftop views, untouched wilderness, cakes, goofy people, road trips, desert light, clothes that smell of bonfire, and hiding away in nature with my closest friends.

I love shooting raw beauty, honest love and moments that mean everything.

For me, photography lets me create memories that one can keep and look back on. For anyone who has lost somebody close to them, this becomes so much more important. Because sometimes we don’t have any photos to look back on. So I’d like to create those memories while they exist, to put them in a time capsule and make them live on forever.

Whether they are small or big moments, it doesn’t matter. Those small, trivial moments, may seem much bigger later on in life.

Love Stories

Intimate, honest couple shoots at your home, outside, or a rented airbnb that you love.


Creative, authentic weddings anywhere in Europe. I would love to be a part of your day and capture all those moments you will want to look back on in a decade.


Captivating portraits of old souls painted with wrinkles, portraits for business applications or portraits for social media.


Fashion shots for creative designers, models, street fashion, look books, fashion stories and content creators.


I photograph humanitarian projects (e.g. in West Africa for Unicef), non profits (eg. in Berlin for Goldnetz),┬ábusiness projects (e.g. in Berlin for Karl’s Erdbeeren).


I have travelled on my own since I was young, and have experienced living in various cultures. Travelling fullfills me, and I enjoy capturing real-life moments, interesting faces and fascinating scenery.