About me

Hi, my name is Julia and I’m a photographer based in Berlin
but I travel for weddings and projects.

I would love to capture your significant moments, wedding, love story, or just life, and make the ordinary extraordinary.

For me, photography lets me create memories that one can keep and look back on. For anyone who has lost somebody close to them, this becomes so much more important in time. Because sometimes we don’t have any photos to look back on. So I’d like to create those memories while they exist, to put them in a time capsule and extend their life time.

Whether they are small or big moments, it doesn’t matter. Those small, trivial moments, may seem much bigger later on in life.

I grew up in Germany, but left (on my own) when I was a 14 to go to school in the UK, and moved to India for a while when I was 16. Later I lived in Argentina and West Africa, before Berlin became my permanent home 4 years ago.

I enjoy authentic moments, messy things, rooftop views, untouched wilderness, good stories, lots of food, road trips, the light in the desert, and hiding away somewhere with friends.

I’m a wedding, lifestyle, couples, and portrait photographer who travels a lot and enjoys working on creative projects that explore culture, our environment and people.

I’m keen on documenting real life and imperfect stories. Let me hear yours!

I can’t wait to meet you.

How I work?
For weddings: I will capture and tell your story. Whether it’s on a mountain top, or in front of your friends and family, I will be there to document each chapter. The raw little moments and the big explosive emotions, or simply a tiny glimpse, a millisecond that means everything. I’m extremely discreet and most of the time, you’ll barely know I’m there. But I will help guide you through the couple photos if you’d like me to.

For creative shoots: We can come up with a concept together and collaborate on the shoot. I enjoy finding interesting locations and playing around with styles and the right light.

For couples sessions: I will let you do your thing! I try to create an atmosphere that is intimate and cozy, so you can feel comfortable to just be yourselves. And don’t worry, I will give you directions and help you with posing, if needed.

I look forward to connecting with you!